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Snow Hall developers go with the basic sense of analyzing your requirements, your intentions and your goals, before starting with the design and development.

Our systemic planning blended with the exemplary skills of our developers provides you with the right formula to succeed in the web market. Our strategy involves assisting you in:

The web is not one stop shop for all of your issues but is rather a repository that offers you a chance to browse through new businesses, get in touch with new clients and get accustomed with many other people who are similar to you. An excellently developed website is half way up the success ladder.

Front-end development

Snow Hall provides solutions that totally correspond to the customer’s business requirements. The development process is out and out in the customer’s perspective and satisfies his every single need. Our development procedure opens up with a normalized approach that takes care of even the leaf level functionalities. This approach is dependable at times of change in the requirements and for addition of new functionalities. This improves the end-to-end solution and at the same time, reduces the cost of implementation.

Back Office Management

Integration of various back office software are done to assist you in managing and maintaining your website operations. This goes hand in hand with the requirement specifications apart from adding a few more user oriented, content management tools. The basic management tools include dynamic structure generators, document managers, user managers, access administrators, business managers like client logger etc.

Back-End Integration

The highly skilled experts at Snow Hall are well equipped and experienced to develop efficient, high performing websites making use of the latest technologies. Our string of back end development service includes dynamic page design and development, primary database design and development, distributed database development (for large website garnering huge traffic and data), implementation of encryption and decryption techniques, integrating the search mechanism, on the go payment clearance, intra-security assurance among others.

Inherent message-passing model

Any web design project should have efficient interaction, communication and knowledge sharing means with the clients. The model adapted at Snow Hall involves a two-step process namely the analysis of the client’s specification and furnishing an efficient technology solution that matches the requirements. Each development project at Snow Hall has a report leader who manages the whole project. The client gets to interact one on one with this single manager and gets his issues fixed in the simplest of means. We can be readily connected through all available means of communication like mail, phone, IM’s and even through direct personal contacts for ease of communication.

Development procedure

The development procedures followed at Snow Hall involves the best step-by-step models like Agile and RUP technologies. We go by practical approaches that are more sensible that conventional approaches. The management team focuses on cost and time efficient approaches while at the same time, maintains due quality. These systematic procedures are compatible with higher-level complex projects too. Error corrections are done by repetitive, stern verification of the completed project.

Quality assurance

Our well-qualified quality assurance team ensures that the development is monitored at each stage of the process. The team employs conventional testing methodologies like unit tests, integration tests and system tests at every modular level of the project. The completed project goes through a string of tests namely User Interface testing, functionality testing, code reviews, performance and stress testing, and crash maintenance testing. These ensure that a project of the highest possible quality is presented to the clients.

Customer review
   Very pleased with the work on this project. The team unpicked a load of messy code which had been badly implemented by a poor developer, but in quick time went over his work, corrected all the mistakes and got the system working exactly as originally intended. Thanks, great work.   
— James, Kayesjewellers.com
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