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1. Join OPENLOG for creating and participating in causes with the registration page

If you have a cause then OPENLOG is here to help. This is a platform for those who are in need of help and want to make their cause happen. All you need to do is to register with OPENLOG and then you can easily find the help that you require for your purpose. Once you open an account you can explain your cause here and can also determine your goals, you can also use features like community brains for planning cautiously. You get the freedom of recruiting your team plus leading the project in the way you want it to be executed. It is very easy and simple to register and join OPENLOG with this page.

2. Find genuine causes like Surfrider Foundation on the causes page

If you wish to get associated with genuine and authentic causes at OPENLOG then you can participate in Surfrider Foundation. The fundamental operations and activities that are utilized by this foundation for safeguarding the beaches, waves and oceans belongs to the category of beach access, clean water, defending special and important places, and also beach preservation. The main goal of this foundation is to recruit hundred new members and to raise an amount of 10,000 dollars for the foundation by the way of social media. If you want you can follow any of the tasks that you like and can join the foundation to be a part of this cause. There are many other causes that you can participate in with this platform. You can see the profile of those who started the cause and also read their bio data and can promote a cause if you want to.

3. Visit the profile page for accessing the profile of the owners

You can view all the profile of the members on OPENLOG and can also comment on the latest projects. The profile of the team members can be accessed and you can also check out the open team positions that are available and the number of positions required for different jobs. There are different positions to take like web developer, sales representative, manager, PR specialist, assets consultant and many other related posts. You can also check the impact of the projects that you are related to. It will tell you whether the projects that you joined are completed or still active. The recent activities are also exhibited along with the list of the newly added users. You can also edit your data with the profile option. The option of news description is also given and you can also leave your comments on the projects. Other information like experience and recommendations are also provided to you.

4. Get all the information from the homepage

The home page of OPENLOG provides you a summary of the recent causes, social jobs, your cause that you have joined and the cause that you are following. You can leave a post and can get all the information regarding the causes such as category, owner and time. This page will also give you the details regarding whether the cause has been completed or is in the planning stage. The most active causes are also listed on this page and you can also invite your friends through this page as well. Other interesting and helpful things that you will find are tips for leading your cause and for participating in a cause. Suggestions are also put forward on this page. Further, you can create a cause without any problems with the create cause option that is given on this page.

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