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Dump That Book.com was conceived by a college student who grew tired of paying exorbitant prices for textbooks that she would only use for a few months. There just had to be a better way; and there was.

The screenshot below is the homepage for the dumpthatbook.com (http://dumpthatbook.com), a site dedicated for the purpose of reducing the cost incurred by a student for acquiring books in an academic course. The owner of the site felt it was unwise to pay for the textbooks, which she is going to need only for few months. The innovative idea was executed by us in form of this website, which offers exchange of books with an earning potential. The homepage is eye-catching, designed with an objective to appeal to the intended audience of young campus crowd. The simple steps to use this website are provided in big blocks, which are bound to catch any casual visitor’s attention. The strategic location of login, register and learn more links, provided at top and bottom of the page makes it easy to find without really skimming through entire page till bottom.

A click on the ‘register now’ link, displays the following page, which seeks the few mandatory details from the user.  This simple one pager form is what it takes the user to start posting the books for exchange or sale on this site. Only eight fields are required, which are usually in the mind of people.

The user profile can be edited after it is created on the site. The introduction/personal statement block is for giving a quick mention about self, while the notes are for making small reminders for self. The page also has the place for advertisements, which can be set-up by the admin of the site. This provides the possibility of additional revenue for the site owners. The user can add new contacts in the page and choose which one he wants to be hidden, by checking the hide checkbox.

The previous screenshot of ‘edit profile’ page has the simple search option for books. This option in its advance form is available on another page, which is shown as below. The advance search form makes it easier to limit the search specific to a particular book or seller, provider the user is aware of the various parameters to identify the desired item(s). A location based search of books can be performed as well for determining if there are any books available from the students of the campus, where the user resides.

Following screenshot shows the pop-up, which is available when the user clicks on the link to change the location. This feature is to enable the searching of the books only for a particular zip code/region/university for ease of books exchange/buy option. The name of the geographical region/University can be provided in case user does not remember the zip code.

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