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The screenshot below is the homepage of the Buzzmart (http://www.buzzmart.com/), which provides the important information from different areas of the site in one glance.

For example, it has the sign-up/login, search link, the currency option, a small advertisement banner, important announcements and top users and top products available. This page also provides the name of different categories and the count of items available in front of the category. The bottom of the page provides the payment affiliation of the site.

The above search page is shown after the user has logged in the portal. The top right corner shows the information on credit available and items in cart. The user can search the items by providing four levels of information. The search can be made by price range, payment mode, specific keyword search or seller name search. The search can be exhaustive or on a specific category.

When the user brings the mouse over the hyperlinks, a pop-up is shown with information of the item within that category. For example, the screenshot above shows the user hovering the mouse over a category and hence displaying the item under the category with the seller details and time left to bid.

A click on the hyperlink of the product, displays it with the description, mode of shipping and video of the product, if available. The user can also leave the comment in the space provided for the purpose. The bidding status of the product is provided in this page in detail.

The user homepage is for displaying the complete information about the user. The history of usage, contact details, friends, comments, items put up for sale and experience on the site make it an all round profile information.

Thus, the above few pages provide a brief insight into the level of calibre expressed by our team in design and development of Social marketplace website, as a case study. Our professionals with experience in site development can add value to your business by giving shape to your ideas.

The above image from the buzzmart homepage provides the opportunity to the user to like and dislike the advertised item. The like button is green coloured with thumbs up symbol while the other one is the dislike button.  The number succeeding the text ‘views’ shows the number of times this page has been viewed. The tweet and f-share buttons allow the user post a tweet and share the page on facebook respectively. This mechanism on the product page makes it easier for the user, who posted the product, to understand the mind of the visitor in terms of whether he liked the page or not as well as the ‘footfall’ on the page.

The screenshot above is displayed to user as soon as he/she clicks the login button. The login window remains on top and slides with the slide bars as user moves around on the page. The best part about the login process is that the user need not register to this site. Instead, the facebook id/password can be used to logon to the buzzmart. This provides the immense advantage to the user, who need not worry about remembering another id/password to logon to buzzmart. The sliding window ensures that the user need not go back to the top of the page to enter login credentials. The login can happen anytime while the user is skimming the buzzmart homepage.

Another exciting feature of the buzzmart site is captured in the above image. The seller can post the video of the product being displayed. The process is simple. The seller only needs to have a webcam attached to his PC. The recording and previewing is facility is provided by the website itself. Once, the seller is happy with the recorded footage, he/she can click on the button ‘Finish & Publish Video’ to post the video to the product page. The video of the product makes it easier for the buyer to make the appropriate bidding decision for the product.

Notifications of any changes to the users of the social network website are a necessary functionality. The notifications could be of profile changes, any broadcast or a private message, or the other users showing interest in the objects of the profiles, or a simple knowledge of who all users are online. The buzzmart site has all these in a very user friendly window, the screenshot of which is shown below. The notification pop-up shows any new bid on the user’s item kept open for bidding, as well as the notifications on the listings, which have expired now. The who’s online link shows the number of users on the footer of the main window, while clicking on the hyperlink would show a pop-up having the user ids which are online currently. On the similar line, the notifications link shows the number of notifications in the bracket in front of the text on the footer of the main window.

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