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Today’s professionals have become the busiest of the lot. With so many tasks to accomplish in a day, obviously the mind gets cluttered and at times the important ones slip out of the brain. Keeping a paper to-do list becomes a pain as it fails to integrate the overall picture of the tasks to be done over a month/week/days. The problem gets complicated when the task management is the job of the fairer sex. The genesis of the Hertodolist.com (Url TBC) is an endeavor to help such busy women.

Following screenshot shows the entire services available on the site in one glance. The neat design with a delicate appeal makes it fit for the purpose for intended user-base.  The three blocks in the centre provide the access to the three major verticals viz. registration, setting up of the reminder services and adding reminders. These reminders can be directed to self as well to another person.

As the services offered by this site are quite innovative, it is expected that the users would need help before they start using this site efficiently. Hence, a help page is provided, which contains the help on commands, which a user would use in the site.

The ‘about us’ page provides the precise purpose for which this site is created. The page also provides the benefits, which a user can attain by using this site.

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   Very responsive and knowledgable. I've used a couple of overseas providers recently in india/pakistan who have talked the talk, but just can't walk the walk. Sergey and his programmer(s) know what they are doing and came up with some good ideas and delivered on-time.   
— James
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