How we work

We synergise with out esteemed clients in developing the appropriate requirement documents. The crystal clear definition of project scope results in solid foundation on which the future success is ensured.
We prepare the documentation
We design the user interface which is aesthetic and has ergonomic appeal. The user controls are designed for easy operation so that few clicks help user to reach the destination page.
We сreate the user interface and design
Quality Assurance is part of our fabric. We ensure it through component integration, as well through User Acceptance Testing. Requirement traceability matrix is created and followed from scoping exercise to UAT.
We test and finish details
We install the tested site after client’s approval on their server. Another round of exhaustive testing is conducted at client’s installation to ensure bug-free code by mapping the functionalities to the project requirements.
We install site on a server and testing it
We provide extendable warranty support after the onsite delivery and are available to respond to any query. We provide quick resolution to the problems, which may surface later during operation.
We support your project

SEO Service

Most of the web development companies in the world provide SEO services as part of the development process. However, a majority of those services do not succeed in ameliorating the page ranking or pushing up their search engine positioning to page one.

No modern SEO consultants depend on META tags to up the SEO rankings. META tags are no longer useful in boosting the page ranks and stuffing them has become an outdated SEO technique. Almost every single modern search engine categorizes these as spam. Search engine have started using high-end techniques, implementing the best of the algorithms as a means to produce quality search results. We provide excellent optimisation services that pass through all the steps involved in an SEO process and fetch you excellent rankings.

We work in two modes of SEO services:

  • Search engine based optimization- by easing the indexing of your website for search engines by providing relevant information pertaining to the SEO process in each web page.

This process of search engine optimization goes through two phases. The first step is to initiate optimization, that is, by providing detailed information about the web site and its niche to the search engines. This is done by using semantic HTML. This is called a blind process because we are initially unaware of the end user’s search theories and keywords to obtain your services. A preliminary analysis of the website niche gives the basic keywords needed for optimization and the first round of SEO implementation is done based on them.

The next phase involves monitoring of the end user’s search keywords used in reaching out to your website. These keywords may flow out of bounds of the actual niche on which the website is based. This also provides you an opportunity to promote your site to pose a challenge to other targeted markets. This mode of optimizing is limited only to a certain acceptable level of keywords and phrases. Usage of more keywords and keyword density tends to make the pages look like spam.

The summary of our search engine based optimization includes:

  • Keywords tracking and analysis. We monitor the end user’s actions to fetch the targeted keywords that garner SEO support. The list of best keywords for your website will be provided to you along with the search analytics and contending web pages.
  • Page Optimization. We fine-tune your site structure by parsing through the content and by increasing the density of the top keywords, thereby improving the search engine rankings. Optimal titles, sub-headings, back links and meta-tags are used at the permissible level.
  • Page creation. We create highly productive pages supplemented by researched content that comply with the best SEO techniques. Search engines are guaranteed to rank you along with the best.

Most of the modern SEO consultants have adapted the technique of off-site search engine optimization, which is achieved through improved web popularity of your website. The advantage of this method is that it does not involve any kind of work within your web site i.e. without employing on-site optimization techniques. However, parallel implementation of both the methods works wonders in the SEO perspective. Web popularity can be increased by a method called “link baiting”. Once employed, this ensures a permanent optimization process and a long-term automated SEO service. Efficient off-site search engine optimization rakes in more popularity in a very short time equivalent to those that are achieved after years of advertisements.

We provide SEO assistance to all kinds of customers ranging from initiating SEO rankings of new website creators and unsuccessful site owners to improving the web popularity of old website owners.

Our off-site optimization involves:

Indexing in Search Engines

Most of the websites have no page ranking mainly because of their unavailability for search engine indexing. The effects of this are the reduction in popularity and customer loss in large masses. We, at Snow Hall, employ the best optimization models for your site and make sure that you place relatively higher in SEO results than your targeted competitors. We manually submit your website for indexing in the world’s best search engines namely Google, Yahoo, MSN, AltaVista, AOL etc.

We create manual listings for your website and add it to many leading web directories like Open Directory Project, VLIB, and Wiki web directory among others. This not only saves you bulks of money but also brings a lot of traffic to your website.

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   Very very happy - SnowHall Ltd were professional, communicative and produced excellent results. I'm confident that we'll be working together on future projects   
— Tim, CANDDi
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